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(subtitle: Exit Nicodemus)


    It had been two years since the day that Tezz Volitov had adopted the Siamese named Nicodemus and given him a forever home with Lex O'Rourke and his cat Darren. Much had happened in those two years, for the humans and the cats alike. The autumn after bringing Nicodemus into the house Lex and Tezz had adopted a smokey-grey Russian Blue kitten named Cinder, who had turned the house upside down. The following spring they had adopted a large tiger cat named Sampson. The house was filled with cat toys, litter boxes, and love.

    Nicodemus had fallen into Tezz's routine, often waking up before the Russian in order to ask to be fed. Being a Siamese, he had quite a bit of cattitude, and would 'converse' with his human while being fed and while Tezz brewed up the coffee to get himself going. It didn't take long before Lex was getting up on Tezz's and Nico's schedule, the Irishman swearing that he needed to get an espresso maker, as coffee no longer had the kick he needed.

    It was three weeks into summer following Nico's seventeenth birthday when things took a turn for the worse for the little Siamese. Early one Saturday morning he hopped up onto the bed at the usual time for feeding. Lex reached up and absentmindedly scratched him between the ears. When the cat growled instead of purring and asking for more the Irishman sat up and clicked the light on. Nicodemus hopped over onto Tezz, turned around, and hunkered down atop the Russian, who groggily wiped at his eyes.

    "Little one?" he asked as Nico growled. "What is the matter?"

    "Nae a morning person?" Lex asked, arching an eyebrow as he slipped out of bed. A look of disgust crossed his face as his foot encountered something wet and slimy in his slipper. Slipping on his glasses, he looked down to find a large quantity of milky-white bile in his footwear and around his slippers. "Oh shite," he muttered, his stomach dropping into his feet. "Tezzy?"

    "I am being held hostage by our grumpy cat," the Russian said, playfully scratching his cat under the chin.

    "Tezzy, I think Nico is ill."

    Tezz looked closer at the cat, who had since begun to pant on top of growling. Drool began to leak from his mouth, and a moment later he convulsed and retched up more bile. Tezz looked to Lex, who was already out of the bedroom and searching for the vet's emergency number. "My little star, we are going to get help for you," he said, gingerly picking his cat up to comfort him. Hugging Nico close to his chest, he grabbed some clothes and made his way into the living room, where Lex was juggling his phone and the cat carrier.

    The next two hours were a blur. They somehow managed to reach the vet in record time, where Lex checked them in while Tezz struggled to maintain his level of calm. They were ushered into an exam room, where they filled out more paperwork while a vet tech examined Nicodemus.

    "There appears ta be abdominal pain," the technician, a young red haired woman named Meri, stated. "I cannae tell ye much more without th' proper tests and X-rays."

    "Ye do what ye have ta do, lass," Lex said as he ushered a nervous-looking and frazzled Tezz into the waiting room. "It will give us a chance ta get some breakfast and hit th' showers."

    "Take good care of my malysh," Tezz said, giving a finger wave to Nicodemus as Meri gently scooped the cat up.


    Three hours later they received a phone call from the vet that they would not wish upon their worst enemies - Nicodemus was experiencing an intestinal blockage that they could not operate on. "I'm sorry, lads," Meri had said over the phone, "I really am, but there is nae much we kin do fer 'im."

    "We..... we'll be there shortly," Lex said, his voice catching when he saw tears welling up in Tezz's eyes. Ending the call, he melted into a chair in the kitchen. Tezz melted to his knees, tears pouring down his cheeks.

    "Why?" he asked, "Why is this happening?"

    "Tezzy," Lex whispered as tears welled up in his eyes as well. "It's fer th' best. We did all we could fer him. We gave him a home. And love. And a family."

    "But I'm..... I do not wish to say goodbye," the Russian choked.

    It took a half an hour and a call to Stanford to get them out the door and back to the vet, where they were taken back into the exam room. Meri brought Nicodemus, wrapped in a fleece blanket covered in kittens and butterflies, into the room. "'e's a bit medicated fer th' pain," she explained as she gently set the cat on the counter, "but 'e knows tha' yer here. Just let me know when... ye know."

    Lex nodded as Tezz leaned over and started to nuzzle the sick Siamese. He felt tears stinging his eyes once more, and all he could do was gently rub his husband's back and whisper sweet words to the little cat whom both of them had grown rather fond of. "Mne zhal'," Tezz sobbed, "I am sorry, Nico. I wish I knew what I could do to have prevented this."

    "Mrrrrrrow?" Nicodemus mewed, his eyes half-focusing due to the strength of the pain relievers. He reached one paw out of the blanket and gently biffed Tezz on the forehead.

    Tezz let out a loud sob before picking Nicodemus up. Cradling the cat to his chest, he began to softly sing a lullaby in Russian. Lex gently rubbed his back, tears streaming down his own cheeks as he tried to hold back his emotions. He kissed Nico's head and pet the Siamese while Tezz cradled and rocked him. After a while Meri poked her head into the room and asked, "Are ye... are ye ready?"

    "Dah," Tezz said, his voice catching. "We are ready."

    Meri entered the room, a small package in her hand. "Will one o' ye be staying during th' procedure?" she asked, looking between the Russian and the Irishman.

    "I will," Lex said, answering before Tezz could. Taking his phone from his pocket, he pulled up a website, thrust the unit into the Russian's hands, and said, "Me love, stay in th' waiting room until I come fer ye."

    Tezz looked over his shoulder, a single tear trailing down his cheek when he heard Nicodemus mew in pain. As the door closed behind him he looked at the screen on the phone, where a poem was pulled up. Taking a step, he began to read the story of the Rainbow Bridge, which was where many pet guardians said their animals lived on after their time on Earth had ended. Dabbing at his eyes with napkins from the coffee bar, he read to the end of the poem, then read it a couple more times to take it to heart.

    The door opened, Lex waving to him to enter. He slowly entered and looked at the table, where Nicodemus was curled up in the fleece blanket, his closed. The two men embraced, sobs shaking Tezz's frame. Lex openly wept as well, the two feeling the pain of loss and grief. Lex slowly led his husband from the building and out to the Guardian, where Stanford was waiting.

    "I'm sorry lads," the Brit said, holding his arms wide for his friends. "I honestly don't know what to say."

    "Just be with us," Lex whispered. "Please."

    Stanford nodded. "Of course mate. Of course."

To  be continued...?
Battle Force 5 Shorts - Goodnight Sweet Kitty
Something that I've wanted to write for nearly 3 months since the passing of my Izzy Belle. I apologize in advance for the need of boxes of tissues.

I only own Lex.
    "Lapushka, I am home!"

    Lex looked up from the book he was reading. On his lap Darren perked his head up, his ears swiveling as he sniffed at the air. The tall man who often smelled like beets and sauerkraut was home, and he was not alone. The black cat stretched, his tail brushing against his human's cheek as he put his front paws up on the arm of the easy chair. "Marrrrrow?" he asked.

    Lex gave him a loving scratch between the ears as Tezz slipped into the room, his arms holding his coat closed. "Me love, I think ye are about ta be taken out by a chest burster," the Irishman said as his fiance kissed him.

    Tezz chuckled and unzipped his coat. "I was worried that Darren was feeling lonely without Pepper and the other pets around the Hub," the Russian said as the squirming within the garment increased. "So I decided to adopt..."

    A head of pale grey fur poked out from his collar and let out a few plaintive meows, mews, and plurps. Eyes the color of ice opened and blinked as they took in their new surroundings. Tezz finished unzipping his coat and slipped his arms under the Siamese that was clinging to his chest, claws sunk deep into the material of his vest. "His name is Nicodemus," he said, scratching the Siamese between the ears. A deep rumbling purr greeted this show of affection, and the Russian gave a warm smile to Lex and Darren. "Is he not, as you say, adorable?"

    Lex reached up and stroked Nicodemus' back. "Th' lad has quite th' soft coat," he said. He gave Darren a scratch under the chin as the black cat stretched up to sniff the newcomer. "How old?"

    Tezz adjusted his grip on the Siamese. "The ladies at the shelter said that he was almost fifteen, and that his owner was moving and was going to...."

    The Russian's voice trailed off when he saw the look on Lex's face. "The vet convinced her to bring him to the shelter, where he has been for quite some time. He and I.... well, as they say, he chose me. Is this OK?"

    Lex nodded. "It's yer home too, me love, and I had been thinking o' adopting another cat o' two."

    Darren had managed to get a good sniff of Nicodemus by this time, the black cat's nose under the Siamese's tail. Nicodemus hissed and lashed out as his space was invaded, deep growls replacing the happy purrs almost immediately. Tezz gave Lex a startled look, and the Irishman sighed. "I have a feeling tha' it may take some time b'fore our little ones learn ta live together."

-To Be Continued...
Battle Force 5 Shorts - Enter Nicodemus
Something that I have been meaning to write for the past couple of years.

Nicodemus' name was inspired by the character from 'Mrs. Frisbee and the Rats of NIMH', not the Biblical character.
Battle Force 5 Shorts - Gardening

    One Sunday afternoon near the end of May found Lex, Suki, and Tezz visiting the Irishman's home in Ireland. The visit was only supposed to be a quick one to mow the lawn and do some light yard work. Due to a certain breed of invasive plant, however, the Irishman found an outlet for some built-up stress and frustration.

    "Sunnova," he muttered as he grabbed one of the larger stalks of bamboo and started pulling, the stalk refusing to give any ground. Grunting and swearing under his breath, Lex put his weight into pulling and twisting. Liquid contained within the plant sprayed everywhere as the stalk cracked without breaking free from the roots located underneath the lawn, coating his arms in what he hoped was water.

    When the stalk finally came away it occured with such force that he was thrown backward onto his rear, the stalk flying a few more feet before landing in a heap near his mother's lilac bush. Flipping to his feet, he sighed as he looked at how many stalks still waited to be pulled up.

    "Lex-onii-sama," Suki called, startling him out of his reverie. He turned to find Suki grinning from ear to ear, a tall brunette woman with green eyes and an olive complexion standing beside her. Suki continued to grin as Lex wiped his palms against his cargo shorts before approaching the two ladies. "Onii-sama, this is Flora. Flora, this is Lex, the owner of the property."

    "You have such beautiful lilac bushes," Flora said as she shook Lex's hand, her gaze wandering all over the yard.

    "Thank ye," Lex replied before looking at all of the remaining bamboo as well as several climbing vines that were threatening to strangle some of the smaller trees. "I just wish I had been here ta take better care o' th' property before these dratted plants decided ta take over."

    Flora walked over to one of the bamboo stalks and examined it for a few moments before grabbing hold of it. Planting her feet firmly, she pulled, easily extracting the stalk as well as large piece of root. Setting the first stalk down, she grabbed another stalk and pulled, this one coming up with two smaller stalks and another root.

    "Suki, please get th' garden cart from th' shed," Lex said as he joined Flora in pulling out stalks.

    Half an hour later the duo had filled the cart, both of them taking a few moments to catch their breaths before setting to the task of emptying the cart so that they could refill it. They looked up when Suki called their names, Flora's expression brightening when she saw the four young ladies who accompanied Suki.

    "Hey girls, this is Lex," Flora said by way of introduction, "I... promised to help him with his gardening work. Lex, these are Terry..."

    A girl with short fuchsia-dyed hair nodded and smiled.


    An Asian girl with her raven hair pulled back in a long braid gave a small bow.


    A redhead smiled and shook his hand.

    "And Stella."

    A beautiful blond giggled before saying, "We're going to miss the bus if we don't rejoin the others by five."

    Flora looked at Lex, then at the lilac bushes that were being threatened by the encroaching bamboo. She looked to her friends, all of whom smiled back at her.

    "I'll see if I can't find some appropriate music," Melody said as Bloom and Stella joined Lex and Flora in bamboo pulling.

    As Melody's music filled the air, Terry started looking up plant information on her PDA. "It says that you may need to dig up the root bundles to prevent the spread of the plant," she read, "though that may prove difficult, as these root systems are insane."

    "Ye are nae kidding lass," Lex replied as Suki took a shovel to something that had been relieved of old and new growths of stalks. "Is there any type o' cure tha' we kin use?"

    Terry frowned. "Short of digging up your lawn, dousing everything with lye, and waiting.... not really."

    Lex sighed. "Any other suggestions?"


    The Irishman chuckled. "Probably nae th' best 'cure' fer what ails th' property."

    Work continued for another hour, with Flora borrowing a set of clippers and a saw to help the lilac bushes while the others continued with bamboo pulling and vine trimming. When they finally stopped for the afternoon Lex took a seat on the bench and sighed happily. "Thank ye," he said, "if there is ever anything I kin do ta repay ye..."

    "May I have some of the lilac blossoms?" Flora asked.

    Lex nodded. "Th' lilacs are what drew ye ta me home, so it is th' least I kin do."

    Flora took a small set of clippers from the pile of tools that they had amassed and snipped a few branch ends that were in full bloom, handing them off to Melody as she whispered something to each branch and bush. Once she had gathered a sufficient bouquet she handed the shears to Suki. "These will look lovely in our common room," she beamed. "Thank you."

    Lex began to say something, only to jump when Terry exclaimed, "Eureeka!"

    When the fuchsia-haired girl turned from her PDA to a very startled Irishman she was grinning from ear to ear. "I found something that should help with your weed issues," she declared. "All you need is a gallon of white vinegar, a pound of Epsom salts, and a cup of Dawn dish washing liquid. Oh, and a large spray bottle."

    "He's going to give the weeds a pedicure?" Stella asked in surprise. "Have them soak their roots after a long, hard day of making a mess of things?"

    "Something like that," Terry giggled. "Mix everything together and spray at the roots, or in your case, on the roots early in the day, and by the end of the day your weed problems should be history."

    "I'll have ta give it a shot and let ye know what th' results were," Lex said as Suki jotted down the data from Terry's PDA.

    "It was nice meeting you," Bloom said as the other four girls followed Suki back toward town. "Take care."

    "Thank ye lass," Lex said, waving as the redheaded girl ran to catch up to her friends. Dragging the back of his glove across his forehead, he let out a sigh of frustration. "Buggeration," he muttered, "do I even have all o' th' necessary ingrediants fer th' all natural weed killer?"

    "I can go check," Suki said. She fell back as a certain hyperactive yellow sentient put in an appearance. "Or we can ask Fay-chan to gather everything up for us."

    "Fay-chan is here to help!" Fay giggled, snagging Lex's list before teleporting. She reappeared a moment later, her arms full with a gallon of vinegar, a large spray bottle, a package of Epsom salts, and what appeared to be glowing dish detergent. Handing the items to Suki, she asked, "What is it Suki-chan is concocting?"

    "Something a new friend said would help with Lex-kun's bamboo issues," Suki replied as she poured the vinegar and epsom salts into the spray container. Picking up the glowing bottle, she said, "Are you sure this is dish soap?"

    "It was on the sink near the dishes in the kitchen, so it must be a new brand," Fay replied, pouring the liquid into the container.

    The duo clamped the top onto the container and shook it up. Suki pumped the nozzle to prime it before handing it off to Lex. "All set Lex-kun."

    "Thank ye," the Irishman replied as he set to applying the mixture to the bamboo roots.


    On the other side of town Bloom and her friends were standing at the bus stop, the redhead checking her watch every few minutes. "They're late," she said.

    "They'll be here Bloom," Flora said, "They know what time the bus leaves for home. I don't think they'd risk getting left behind."

    Stella tapped Bloom on the shoulder before pointing up the street, where a dark skinned woman was running toward them. Behind her were three young men, all of whom were loaded up with packages. "We're coming!" she called.

    "And here comes the bus," Melody said, pointing down the opposite end of the road.

    "Aisha! Hurry up!" Flora called.

    "HELP!" a new voice cried in the distance. Something on the other end of town erupted from the ground and made its way into the sky.

    "Oh hell," Terry muttered, "that sounded like Suki."

    "Who's Suki?" Aisha asked as she and the men came to a stop with the rest of their group.

    "A new friend," Melody explained as she squinted toward the waving objects, "Tecna, do you have an explanation for what we're seeing?"

    "It appears that the bamboo was somehow subjected to a mutagenic agent," Terry / Tecna replied, data flowing over the screen of her PDA. "What we are seeing is a rather angry version of the plant."

    "Want us to hold the bus?" one of the boys asked as Flora shoved the lilac blossoms into his hands.

    "We'll either catch the next bus or find another way to get home," Bloom called over her shoulder as she and the other girls started running back through town. To her friends she said, "It's time to transform."

    "Magic Winx! Believix!"


    Lex had no idea that bamboo could turn carnivorous, or gain semi-sentient / rational thought. Behind him Fay was chain teleporting in an attempt to keep their new foe on its toes.

    "Fay-chan is sorry," the yellow sentient apologized, "I thought I had grabbed the dish detergent and may have grabbed...."

    "One o' Tezzy's chemical concoctions," the Irishman said, bringing his hands together to summon a shield. "Fay, I need ye ta get ta th' Guardian and find me sword."

    Fay nodded and vanished. She reappeared a moment later, her eyes widening milliseconds before she was catapulted into the stratosphere by rapidly growing weeds. The sword fell to the ground on the other side of the clearing, where it promptly thrust itself into the ground up to the hilt.

    "Fuck me gently with a chainsaw," he muttered under his breath. "Damn weeds are nae giving me a chance ta use me nano armor o' ta get me sword."

    "Dragon Flame!"

    The roar of a dragon shook the countryside. A glowing red dragon made its appearance a second later, the mighty beast breathing flames upon the errant bamboo and mutated weeds. Bursts of colored light struck other clumps of bamboo, opening a path for the Irishman to retrieve his weapon and gain some much needed breathing room.

    Pulling the blade from the sheath, he turned the dial on his watch and pressed the face plate. Golden light surged around his body, creating a skeletal framework of nanite-composed armor. He found himself flanked by two familiar female forms, now sporting fairy wings. "Flora? Melody?"

    "It's Musa, actually," the fairy of music replied, erecting a sound wall with a wave of her hand. "What happened?"

    "A long story, lass," Lex replied, "th' short version is tha' me husband, th' mad scientist, left some o' his chemical goop where we usually keep th' dish soap and I may ha' brewed up a super fertilizer rather than a weed killer."

    "Which means that these plants aren't going to listen to reason," Flora sighed.

    "We need to protect the other plants while also striking the heart of this bamboo pest," Bloom said as she and the other fairies joined them.

    "Th' bush tha' we need ta keep safe from th' ravenous appetite is th' one in th' center o' th' clearing," Lex said, shifting his grip on his sword.

    "Flora, Aisha, you're on defense," Bloom instructed, "Tecna, tactical. Musa, Stella, help Lex find the heart."

    "And ye, lass?" Lex asked.

    Bloom smiled. "I'll act as the fail safe in case our foe gets out of hand."

    The Irishman nodded. "Lead on," he said.

    Musa sent bursts of sound at their weedy foe, each impact weakening it slightly. Stella added blades of light and the powers of the sun to the mix, burning leaves and cutting into roots. Lex charged into the clearing opened by the two fairies, his sword gaining a sentient blue glow as he cleaved through several stalks of bamboo. He flipped backward as several more stalks of the pesky plant erupted from the earth, the first nearly skewering him. He continued to back flip until he was picked up by Bloom and carried into the air, away from the plants.

    "This thing is worse than a Hydra," Aisha remarked as they retreated to a safe distance, "at least with one of those you can keep the heads from regrowing by cauterizing the cuts."

    "Standard bamboo removal practices state that if you can find the root cluster and cut that off you can pretty much kill the colony," Tecna reported.

    Lex pondered for a moment before putting his fingers to his lips. Giving off a shrill whistle, they found themselves rejoined by a rather stunned Fay.

    "Fay-chan discovered that free fall without a parachute kinda sucks," the yellow sentient reported.

    "Fay, I need ye ta get th' Rigsaw from Spectramotors," Lex instructed.

    The yellow sentient nodded, her pigtails bobbing as she teleported.

    "What's a Rigsaw?" Musa asked.

    Lex smirked. "Ye'll see, lass. Ye'll see. In five... four... three... two..."

    As if on cue the vehicle that resulted from the fusion of the Saber and the GearSlammer appeared in the middle of the lawn, AJ and Vert at the controls with Fay standing on the roof. "CHARGE!" the yellow sentient directed before blowing a note on an old ram's horn.

    Those flying above the battlefield cringed as the Rigsaw chewed through the mutant bamboo, ripping it down to the root cluster in a matter of seconds. One of the hatches on the Rigsaw popped open, ejecting Vert and his sword. The blond man drove his blade into the heart of one of the root clusters. AJ joined him a moment later, an axe in hand.

    "Goodness," Flora squeaked, averting her eyes at the ensuing carnage. "Haven't they ever heard of a surgical strike?"

    "With AJ everything has ta be taken ta th' extreme," Lex sighed, "Vert just gets caught up in th' moment."

    "All clear," Vert called as he and AJ hopped back into the Rigsaw, which Fay teleported away before the fusion could come undone.

    The fairies and the Irishman descended to view the resulting damage to the property. Lex sighed in frustration, as the morning's work had been undone in a matter of minutes and now things looked several hundred times worse. "Buggeration," he muttered under his breath as he righted the bench and took a seat.

    "No worries," Flora said as she nodded to her friends. "Lex, we will leave you with one final gift."

    "You just need to do two things for us," Musa added. "One, close your eyes."

    Lex closed his eyes. "And two?" he asked.

    "Believe in magic with all of your heart," Bloom replied.

    Lex looked deep into his heart. He already believed in just about everything that 'normal' people said was impossible. Believing in magic wasn't all that much of a stretch, especially since he'd witnessed such magic first-hand.

    He felt a warm breeze rush up around him, and he could smell the scent of rain on a summer evening mix with that of the lilac blooms and fresh mowed lawn. "Open your eyes," he heard Stella direct, and upon opening his eyes he saw that the lawn was fixed; the bamboo was no longer an issue; and that there were more wildflowers mixed in with the lawn than he recalled.

    Turning to thank the six girls, he found himself alone. "Thank ye," he said in a whisper as the SplitWire pulled into the driveway.

    "Lapushka!" Tezz called as he crossed the lawn, "How was your day?"

    "Oh, ye know," Lex replied with a chuckle as he kissed his husband, "uneventful."

    "Is that so?" the Russian asked with an arched eyebrow. "Why did Vert say that Fay needed to borrow the Rigsaw to combat a plant monster?"

    Lex shrugged and sighed. "Me love, I will explain everything over dinner. Right now I need a shower."

    As they ascended the porch Tezz looked around, the Russian fairly certain that he heard the sound of bells on the breeze. Finding that they were alone, he followed the Irishman inside and closed the door.

BF5 shorts - Gardening
Battle Force 5 / Winx Club crossover.

Will need to fix a few things here and there, but bamboo is a pain in the arse to get rid of.

Mature Content

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Battle Force 5 - Aftermath ReBOOTED Extra Boss - Part 2

[BGM: 'Time To Say Goodbye' - Rooster Teeth, RWBY season 2 OP]

/there's a point where it tips
there's a point where it breaks
there's a point where it bends
and a point we just can't take

    Before anyone could react to his announcement that they were
going to die, Adonis vanished from sight, a small dust cloud
denoting his point of origin. A few more puffs of dust
announced his course changes as he attempted to get the drop on
the quintet of Runners. Sword uttered a gasp as something
slammed into his chest, the initial impact stunning him. The
follow through on the strike was nothing if not spectacular,
the blond man's body sailing into the air as an after-image of
Adonis appeared, only to be slashed by Rook's sword.

there's a line that we'll cross
and there's no return
there's a time and a place
no bridges left to burn

    The blond man's body shook from multiple impacts, all moving at
such a speed the untrained and naked eye could not track them.
Even Lightning's and Rook's hardware had a difficult time
keeping tabs on which direction the strikes were coming from.

    Rook blanched as a loud cracking sound filled the air when
Sword's left arm was suddenly bent at a very unnatural angle in
a place where there was no joint. Gem closed her eyes while
Blink covered her ears against the horror that was transpiring
near them.

    "Heart rate is erratic," Sherman reported, "pulse is off the
charts. What's going on in there?"

    "You can't see what they're doing to him?" Blink snapped.

    "We lost visual a few seconds ago," Spinner replied, "dude,
what are they doing to the boss man?"

    "It is one person, and my captain is taking a beating,"
Lightning reported, "I cannot take a shot for risk of hitting

we can't just wait with lives at stake
until they think we're ready
our enemies are gathering
the storm is growing deadly

    Sword's body suddenly sailed higher into the air, with Adonis
appearing directly in his flight path. The cybernetically
enhanced Scot smirked before slamming both of his now glowing
fists into Sword's chest, the impact eliciting several more
sickening cracks and pops before their leader plummeted toward
the rocky ground below.

    Time seemed to slip into slow motion as their leader's body
impacted with the cold ground, his limbs bending at unnatural
angles. Gem cried out as she pulled Blink's hands away from her
ears and dashed to where her beloved now lay, his body and
spirit broken.

    "He's flat lining," Sage reported, "his breathing has ceased.
What on earth is happening in there?"

now its time to say goodbye
to the things we loved
and the innocence of youth
how the time seemed to fly
from our carefree lives
and the solitude and peace we always knew

    "Armageddon," Rook replied, his eyes narrowing as Adonis
reappeared at his point of origin for the attack, his body
floating a couple of inches from the ground.

    "Sapphy, don't do anything crazy," Reev said over the radio,
"we need the rest of you in one piece. Leave Ruby to us, ok."

    Gem pulled the earwig from her ear and crushed it between her
fingertips before turning to face Adonis. Narrowing her eyes,
she unsheathed her dagger, the blade filling with glowing runes
as something on the server answered her call. "You," she
snarled, her voice trembling. "You monster! I'll make
you pay for that!"

there's a day when we'll fight
and we're not gonna fall
there's a day when we'll stand
and a day when we won't crawl

    Rook was barely able to create a shield before Gem launched
herself at Adonis, the weighted line at the end of her dagger
singing as it sailed through the air. There was a whistling
sound as the line changed course multiple times, the former
thief following behind the wire as it seemed to follow her
thoughts, or, more precisely, predict her thoughts and transfer
them into action.

    Adonis threw his arms up in front of his face and chest, the
sentient tech in his body creating a shield to absorb the brunt
of the attacks. He looked up when the whistling from the line
ceased, his eyes widening slightly when he saw the the former
thief had transformed her dagger and line into a composite bow
that glowed with blue sentient power. "How?" he asked, wracking
his brains to find the part of the data upload that said the
'core' players of Aftermath could exchange or alter their

there's a moment in time
and there's no going back
when we're pushed too hard
and we won't hold our attack

    Gem drew the string back, a single silver arrow forming. The
arrow split into a triad as she drew a bead on her target and
released. The first two arrows struck Adonis' barrier while the
third managed to punch a hole in his defenses. This hole was
short lived, as his on-board systems worked to compensate for
the destructive yield in her attacks.

    White light flowed up around Gem's body as her eyes began to
shine silver. Tapping his earpiece, Lightning asked, "What is
happening to our little Sapphy?"

    "As many upgrades as we can possibly grant her in the brief
moments we are able to punch through the firewalls that the
system keeps throwing up," Spinner replied, the sound of keys
being punched in rapid succession evident in the background.
"I'm not sure how much longer we can keep this up, though,

    Lightning winced as something sparked and fizzled in the
background on the outside end of the transmission. "Odd, grab
two spare keyboards from the closet," he heard Sherman direct
in the background. "Spin, what happened?"

    "I think my board overloaded," the hacker replied to his
brother's question. There was silence for a few moments before
he added to Tezz / Lightning, "Sorry about that. The system
just threw up the grand mama of firewalls and fried our
peripherals. You're on your own for a bit."

we can't just cling to childish things
as evil just grows closer
humanity's in jeopardy
this fight is far from over

    Lightning returned his attention to Gem and Adonis before
looking at his own gauntlet. Flipping back a recessed panel, he
slipped his fingernail under two wires and pulled, ripping them
loose from their connections. "Safety limiters have been
damaged," the glove's on-board computer warned, "use of this
unit without..."

    "Yadda, yadda, yadda," he grumbled as he brought the glove back
online, electricity sparking around the unit. Rising his feet,
he said to Rook, "Lapushka, put all of your energy into
maintaining this barrier."

    Rook looked up, his eyes widening when he saw the amount of
power coursing through the Russian's frame. "What are ye going
ta do?" he asked, his mind already three steps ahead of the
question. Swallowing any doubt or further questions, he nodded.
"Good luck."

now its time to say goodbye
to the things we loved
and the innocence of youth
with a doubt in our minds
why we chose this life
and at times we can't help wondering...

    Lightning let out a cry as he threw his head back, bolts of
lightning striking around him, giving his body a golden glow
while activating several pacts that he had made with a pair of
thunder gods in the game world. "Gem! Let someone else have a
turn!" he called as he launched himself at Adonis, a ball of
electricity flowing around his glove.

    Gem leaped into the air and flipped backward, unleashing three
more arrows before retiring to the back line to recuperate
some of her spent energies. She looked up when she felt a
breeze, and knew that Blink had finally joined the fight with
her A-game.

    Adonis' arms and hands were a blur as he worked to defend
against Lightning's electricity-fueled punches and kicks. He
sensed Blink's presence and threw a punch in her general
direction, his eyes widening and his face contorting in pain as
the punch met with an energy-enhanced counter punch that
shattered the sentient-tech tendons in his fingers and hand.

    "You hurt our Ruby," Blink growled, the bands binding her hair
into pigtails melting away as she started launching high-
velocity punches at their foe, the sounds of gunshots echoing
across the wasteland as her bracers worked duel-fold as
strength-enhancement hardware as well as a delivery mechanism
for high-velocity, high-impact ammo.

    The blond girl and the Russian ducked as a trio of arrows
sailed between them and into Adonis' shield, the third arrow
busting through once more, the arrowhead stopping centimeters
from the intended target of their foe's face before the arrow
dissolved. "Mierda," Spinner cursed from the command center,
"how the hell can he still have a barrier with all the
punishment we're dishing out?"


    "Because Artemis must have some heavy duty hackers backing him
up," Reev replied. "That's the only way the firewalls could
survive for this long, regenerate, and keep Adonis at full

    Those in the 'Aftermath' world could all but hear Spinner
smirk. "Jeremy, please have Aelita pull up my 'special' contact
list on my phone."

    "There are no names attached to any of these numbers," Aelita
replied as she clicked through the contact list in Spinner's
smartphone, "only symbols and numbers."

    "There should be an option to set up a conference call via a
secure Skype connection," the gamer directed, his fingers
flying over two keyboards as he tried to find a weakness in the
security software that was patching itself almost as quickly as
they could find a weakness. "I need all of them on-board

    Aelita double-tapped the Skype icon before dragging her
fingertip down the screen to select all of the names. "I hope
your friends can help us," she said as she activated the
bluetooth earpiece and handed it to Spinner.

    Spinner clipped the earpiece to his ear before nodding, a smile
crossing his lips as he heard different people log in. Windows
with super-deformed chibi avatars popped up on his screen as
the various hackers and computer specialists connected to their
server. "Gentlemen and ladies," he said as Aelita and Jeremy
took seats on either side of his chair, "we have one hell of a
crisis on our hands, and my friends and I need as much
assistance as possible."

    "Just name it TG," the avatar of a silver-haired girl said. "If
it is within our power, it's yours."

    "Thank you Kanako," Spinner replied with a smile, "I need you,
Saori, Yumiko, and Yushin to concentrate on the firewalls and
security software with Jeremy. Emiko, Beiko, Kei, and Vash,
you'll work with Aelita to trace the opposing team's hackers
and deckers. Sephy, Inuki, Mamoru, and Yuri are with me. When
Jeremy's team is able to breach the firewalls it's up to us to
either buff or heal Rook and the others and see if we can't get
Sword back on his feet."

    "Roger," a multitude of voices chorused before the avatars
split onto the other screens in the command center.


were we born to fight and die?
sacrificed for one huge lie?
are we heroes keeping peace?
or are we weapons?
pointed at the enemy
so someone else can claim a victory?


    Blink's voice echoed across the barren wasteland as the
limiters within her gauntlets temporarily switched into the
'off' position. An evil smile tugged at the corners of her lips
as she began to chain fire ammunition in rapid succession, the
necessity to reload the chamber after each round swapped over
to automatic. There was an increase in damage yield to each
successive shot at the expense of some accuracy. She unleashed
a gut-wrenching, guttural battle cry as the final shell in each
chamber glowed white upon exit from the barrels.
"Shit," she muttered under her breath as she retreated behind
Rook's barrier. Snapping her hands downward, the chambers on
her gauntlets opened, ejecting the spent shells. Pulling two
new racks of ammo from the pouches around her thighs, she
tossed them into the air and brought her arms up, the lengths
of unspent shells clicking into place before the chambers
clicked shut once more, the safeties clicking 'off'.

    Adonis narrowed his eyes at the yellow sentient as she took the
time to reload. His shield was barely functional following her
assault, but still more than enough to ward off Lightning and
Gem, who, despite the number of arrows launched at him or the
strength of the lightning bolts used on his shield, were doing
more damage to themselves than to his systems.

    Slamming his fists together, a light blue glow flowed from the
cybernetics around his wrists. Three beats later he unleashed a
focused EMP blast that caught Lightning and Gem point blank
before busting through Rook's shield. Blink cried out as her
Sentient systems went into stand-by mode, the charge more than
her internal limiters could handle. Beside her Rook's eyes
rolled back in his head as his cybernetic implants shorted out.

    A few weak moans from the fallen warriors met Adonis' ears as
he crossed the battlefield to where Rook lay in a rather
uncomfortable position. "I have won," he gloated as he stood
over the fallen combatants. Gazing down at the Irishman, he
said, "My dearest Lex, when are ye going ta admit ta th' world
tha' ye still love me?"

    Rook slowly uncurled from the position he landed in, various
parts of his body reminding him that all the fun happy things
his suit's systems could do for the pain were temporarily
offline and he would have to deal with the blunt force trauma
and burned nerve endings on his own for a while. "When pigs
sprout wee angel wings and take ta th' skies," he mumbled as he
sat up, his head still ringing from the impact as well as the
pain of having his cybernetics shut down without a safe-mode

    Adonis sneered and grasped Rook by the throat before picking
him up off of the ground. The cyborg's fingertips underwent a
transformation into something out of a technological nightmare
that Spinner would later wish to find in his anime collection.
Tendrils with tiny scalpels streamed from Adonis' hands,
stopping only when they reached vital points on the Irishman's
body. "Any last words?" he asked with a snarl.

now its time to say goodbye
to the things we loved
and the innocence of youth
how the time seemed to fly
from our carefree lives
and the solitude and peace we always knew

    On the ground behind the fallen warriors Sword's eyes slowly
fluttered open, red light flowing around his body as something
activated. "How about good-bye?" he croaked, the action and
words startling Adonis to such a degree that he dropped his

    Breathing became easier and easier for Sword as the damage to
his lungs was reversed. Golden light flowed around his body as
the grandmother of all healing spells worked its way throughout
his being, repairing all of the damage incurred during the
cyborg's initial assault. Reaching into his belt, he extracted
what appeared to be a flip-style cell phone. Flipping the unit
open, he traced the number '5' on the screen and hit 'Send'.


    "Overdrive system is online," a computerized female voice
stated in Hub control room. "Overdrive has been activated."

    "Nanda Kurewa?" Odd asked, poking Spinner in the shoulder
before pointing to where the monitor for Vert's vitals was now
displaying a glowing red '5'. "What does that mean?"

    Spinner swiped at his eyes with his sleeve, wiping away the
tears that had been streaming down his cheeks moments earlier.

    "That means that our friends still have a chance," he choked.
Taking a deep, calming breath, he said, "Go get 'em Vert."

-To Be Concluded
BF5 Aftermath ReBOOTED - Extra Boss - part 2
Part 2 of 3/4.

All FCs / OCs belong to their respective creators.

I only own Lex / Rook and Andre / Adonis.
    "Stop following me!"

    Elemental sighed, watching as Mako stomped off though the halls of the crystal palace. Though not directly assigned to keep an eye on the fire bender, the elemental caster decided that it was in everyone's best interests stick with the elder of the two brothers. "You're not going to get rid of me that easily," he said under his breath as he jogged to keep up with the other man's angry strides.

    Mako snorted something colorful under his breath as he turned left and entered one of the several 'special' areas of the alien structure. Elemental paused as the fire bender strode forward into the area. Taking two steps, he demanded, "What the hell is your problem Sparky?!"

    Mako wheeled around and glared at him, his amber eyes filled with countless conflicting emotions. "You!" he snarled, "You're my problem! Why do you have to be so damn much like her? Why do you have to act so much like Korra?!"

    The question hung in the air like an unwanted odor, and Elemental looked off into the distance, Mako's words hitting a nerve. The fire bender saw how his words had hurt one of their hosts, his expression softening. "That was uncalled for," the fire bender said as he regained some manner of calm. "I apologize. It's just.... you chuckle over some of the same things. You have some of the same insecurities. I bet you even kiss like her."

    Elemental snorted before laughing. "My friend, I am happily attached," he said with a sly smirk, his remark earning him a pair of raised eyebrows. "I kid, I kid," he said, his expression softening. "Look, we want to help you find your friend, but first we need to wait for the young lady..."

    "Asami," Mako supplied.

    "Asami... to awaken. After that we can figure out a way to track your Korra."

    Mako nodded in agreement. Taking a moment to really look around, he asked, "Just where are we?"

    Elemental gazed past the fire bender to where snow gently fell upon a wooded area filled with towering pine and spruce trees. The duo were standing in the middle of a white wooden gazebo, benches along the sides offering places for someone to sit and watch the snow drift lazily to the ground or enjoy the quiet solitude of the season.

    "This is my special place," the elemental caster replied as he took a seat on one of the benches. "The layout is based upon my home world in the winter."

    Mako took a seat beside / behind him. "Do you come here often?"

    "Only when I need a break from my command center duties. Or when I really need to clear my head."

    The fire bender took a moment to really study the elemental caster's apparel. "Aren't you cold?" he remarked, realizing that Elemental only wore a light jacket over a ribbed T-shirt.

    Elemental shook his head. "It only looks cold in here," he explained, "though if I asked I'm fairly certain Sage could alter the temperature. I think she could also add winter songbirds if I desired."

    "I see," Mako said, folding his arms over the railing by the bench. Resting his chin atop his arms, he allowed his eyes to drift closed. He shifted slightly as a warm weight pressed up against his back, and it took a couple of beats to realize that Elemental was now sitting so that their backs were touching. Cracking one eye open, he said, "you even have the same comforting presence as Korra."

    "Maybe in my home world I'm the Avatar," Elemental said, a small smile tugging the corner of his mouth.

    "Oi, there ye gents are," a female voice stated, breaking into their quiet solitude. Elemental turned his head and focused his gaze upon Banshee, who added, "ye said ta let ye know when Asami was awake."

    "We'll be right there," Elemental said before slowly standing. He stretched before helping Mako to his feet. With one last gaze over their shoulders at the snowscape, the duo left solitude behind for the moment. There would be time to relax after they found and rescued Korra from whatever had taken her from Republic City.
Worlds Chakra portion - Solitude
I will admit that I enjoy snow. I'm not a fan of biting cold or how long winter lasts or of having to clear snow off of our roof. But I do enjoy how quiet and peaceful the world becomes when it snows. Mind, this is when it snows gently, not 'howling doom of 3 feet of snow and ice during a New England winter storm'.

I own Elemental. Banshee belongs to a very awesome friend.


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