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    Evening had fallen across Beach City and the temple and house that the Gem Quartet called home. Seated atop the hill behind the temple, Nephrite watched as the stars began to appear in the sky above as the last rays of the setting sun reflected their pinks, reds, and oranges across the still ocean waters. Adjusting the strap around his chest, he brought his guitar to the front and began the tuning process.

    "Whatcha doing?" a female voice asked from behind him, the tone more inquisitive than anything.

    "I'm about to embark upon a musical journey," he replied, the fingers on his right hand dancing across the strings while the fingers on his left hand pressed strings to the fret board to change the tone and pitch of the notes. Glancing over his shoulder at Stefanie, he asked, "Would you care to join me?"

    Stefanie nodded enthusiastically. When Nephrite patted the ground beside him it took roughly three seconds for the girl to join him. "What sort of music will you play tonight?" she asked.

    Nephrite shrugged and strummed a little tune before stopping to twist one of the tuning pegs. "Not sure, little lady. Any requests?"

    Stefanie pondered for a few moments. "I heard Pearl humming a tune the other day that sounded catchy," she replied, screwing up her face in recollection. "She sang a few words, too, though in a rather sad tone, like she was recalling her time with my dad."

    Nephrite studied Stefanie's expression for a few seconds before putting his arm around her shoulders to pull her into a hug. Resting his chin on the top of her head, he said, "How about I play something from that Touhou series that Amethyst likes?"

    "I get to choose?"

    Nephrite nodded again. "You have a choice between 'Lunatic Princess' and 'Border of Life'."

    Stefanie watched the last rays of sunlight vanish and darkness fall over the ocean. "Border of Life, please."

    Nephrite nodded and released his embrace. Adjusting his grip on his guitar, he began playing a rather upbeat rock guitar version of the piece. His eyes closed, he pictured Rose Quartz leading the charge into battle against the Gems from the homeworld as they tried to hurt their beautiful planet. He pictured Garnet putting the hurt on Jasper, the taller gem singing all the while. He pictured Steven and Connie growing up together, and events leading up to that evening.

    The final note of his impromptu concert hung in the air for what seemed like an eternity before Stefanie's applause snapped him out of the music's spell. "I didn't realize just how musically inclined you are," the girl beamed.

    Nephrite felt himself blushing. "Don't go telling everyone, ok kiddo," he chuckled. Looking at his watch, he said, "You'd better get inside and go to bed before Pearl comes out to give me heck for keeping you out late."

    Stefanie pouted for a moment before nodding. "Good night, Nephrite," she called over her shoulder as she ran down the hill.

    "Goodnight kiddo," he muttered to himself before returning his gaze to the night sky.
Gem Quartet: Musical Inclination
I own Nephrite Jade.

Stefanie belongs to :iconwater-jewel:

The piece that Nephrite plays can be heard here:…
(This is a response to 'BF5: Meeting Judith' by Water-Jewel)

    Lex was in the process of cooking dinner for Tezz and himself when his phone rang. He nearly missed the emergency ringtone, as loud techno music was pounding through the kitchen. Taking a second to rinse chicken drippings off of his hands, he tapped the speaker option for answering the call on his smartphone.

    "Allo, what's th' emergency?" he asked as he shooed Nicodemus, Tezz's cat, away from the chicken he was cutting up for that evening's meal.

    "Lex, there's some lady here by the name of Judith Florette who says she plans on purchasing the garage and tearing it down," AJ replied, a hint of panic in his voice, "brah, I don't know how to reach Vert and Sapphy, and I think I'm whiter than the Gearslammer right now."

    Lex pulled his apron off and tossed it aside before shutting the stove off. "I'll be there in two shakes, laddy. What is she doing right now?"

    "Looking around the office and the building and acting like a... a.... well, like Stanford."

    The Irishman chuckled as he picked up his phone before dashing to find something more appropriate to wear for meeting a prospective pain in the rear end. "Please call Amira, as she is th' rightful owner o' Spectra Motors. Ask her ta put in an appearance."

    "Anything else brah?"

    Lex pondered as he pulled a suit out of his closet. "Call Jazzy for backup. Then see if ye kin reach Stanny and Agura. I'll be there in twenty minutes or less."

    "Right. See you in a bit brah. And thank you."

    Lex swiped his fingertip on the screen to end the call. Setting the phone aside, he shook his head to get the knots out of his hair and squared his shoulders. It had been some time since he had needed to be in the office to be the office manager, and with someone threatening the Spectra Motors family he knew he had to bring his A-game.


    Twenty minutes later a black and red Shelby Cobra pulled to a stop in front of the Spectra Motors garage, a cloud of dust slowly settling as the driver opened the door and slid out. A man in his late 30's to early 40's stepped out of the car and adjusted the fit of the jacket on his dark pinstripe suit. Pushing some of his now deep red hair back from his face, he approached AJ and Spinner, who were trying to keep Judith away from the more sensitive areas of their operation.

    "Miss Florette, I presume," Lex asked.

    "Yes?" the young lady replied in a snooty tone as she turned to address the speaker. "May I help you?"

    Lex extended his hand. "Lex O'Rourke, th' manger o' Spectra Motors garage. Me mate AJ said ye wished ta purchase th' property."

    Judith studied Lex for a few beats before tentatively shaking his hand. "I believe I can turn this property into a more profitable business than some disgusting garage."

    Lex tilted his head slightly, the lights shining off of the lenses of his glasses before his eyes became visible through the glass. "Lass, th' garage and th' property upon which it sits are nae fer sale."

    "The Florette Family is known for getting exactly what they want, and I want this land," Judith replied, "and nothing you say will stop me. You are only a manager. I wish to speak with the owner."

    "She is a bit busy at the moment, love," a familiar male voice with a British accent said from the entrance, drawing Judith's attention away from Lex. In stepped Stanford and Agura, both wearing what Lex could only assume was the best in business attire the pair could find on short notice. Extending his hand, the redheaded Brit said, "Stanford Isaac Rhodes IV, at your service."

    "Agura Ibaden-Rhodes, also at your service," Agura said as she adjusted the glasses she wore for appearance's sake. "This building and property are under the protection of the House of Rhodes, of which Spectra Motors garage is a subsidiary."

    "Which means that you. Can't. Touch. It," Stanford said with a smirk.

    Judith frowned and pouted before storming out of the garage. As the quintet watched the limo drive off, Lex adjusted his glasses and said, "Zen, Fay, please keep an eye on th' lass."

    Two shadowy figures nodded before vanishing from sight.

    "I dun know wha' th' lass is planning," the Irishman continued to his friends, "but it smells like trouble, and I dun like it."
BF5: Meeting Trouble
A response to 'BF5: Meeting Judith' by :iconwater-jewel:

I own Lex.

All other OCs / FCs belong to :iconwater-jewel:, :iconskyeblitz:, and :icontheredone1223:
Um.... not really sure what to say here, so here it goes.

My name is Nephrite Jade... Nephrite for short.... Neph or Nephy if you're in a rush.


Well, I know a Jade, and he's a really cool human, but that's a story for another day.

Back on topic, I'm from the Gem homeworld. Ametrine, my partner and best friend, is also from the Gem homeworld. We came to Earth with Rose Quartz and her colleagues many years ago. At the time we were sent to take over the planet. Then something changed, and Rose found something here on Earth that was worth fighting for. She, along with Garnet, Pearl, a gem from a Kindergarten named Amethyst, Tanzanite and Citrine, me, and a few other Gems, fought against the forces of White Diamond, Yellow Diamond, and Blue Diamond, as well as the rest of the Gem Homeworld.

Many brave gems fell in that battle, and Ametrine was born during a mission. Rose and the remains of her forces destroyed the warp to homeworld.

Those who were still alive now called Earth their home.

Time passed. Ametrine and I drifted away from Rose and company. It wasn't until years later that we learned that Rose had fallen in love with a human and had given up her physical form to give birth to a son named Steven. Steven, a half gem, fell in love with a human girl named Connie, and these two got married, Connie giving birth to a daughter named Stefanie, who possessed Steven's - slash - Rose's gem.

Ametrine and I are now back in Beach City, living in the temple with Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, and Stefanie and trying to fit in with the human citizens of this little city.

It's showtime.
Nephrite Jade's Monologue
I only own Nephrite Jade, who is a male gem for a headcanon project with :iconwater-jewel:

Ametrine, Citrine, and Tanazanite belong to :iconwater-jewel:


Journal Entry: Sun May 24, 2015, 12:53 PM

Dyed my hair this morning (finally). It turned out just a bit more orange than I had thought it would (it was supposed to be a ruby red).

Also picked up my new glasses and sunglasses this afternoon. Will be spending a few days getting used to them, as they are progressive lenses as opposed to bifocals with lines.

Gonna be a fun couple of days.

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Journal Entry: Thu May 21, 2015, 6:16 PM

does anyone know how / where to download / install more journal skins?

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United States
I'm a self proclaimed anime / gaming / manga / sci fi geek who started drawing back in Y2K. Finally, a place where I can pull all of my artwork together and organize it for fans who are like me and somewhat bummed when they can't find fanart of a favorite character.

Favourite genre of music: techno, pop, dance
Favorite style of art: shojo
Operating System: WinXP or Windows 7, depending upon computer
MP3 player of choice: Ipod or Winamp
Shell of choice: Spikey blue koopa shell
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Favorite cartoon character: Baron & Volt, Stanford Isaac Rhodes IV
Favorite series: Battle Force 5, Slayers, Galaxy Angel, Sky Girls, Evangelion
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Journal Entry: Sun May 24, 2015, 12:53 PM

Dyed my hair this morning (finally). It turned out just a bit more orange than I had thought it would (it was supposed to be a ruby red).

Also picked up my new glasses and sunglasses this afternoon. Will be spending a few days getting used to them, as they are progressive lenses as opposed to bifocals with lines.

Gonna be a fun couple of days.

  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: AJ mowing the wooded area by the house
  • Reading: Castle Roogna
  • Watching: Izzy watch AJ
  • Playing: Pokemon Black
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Personally I think Jasper would adopt the glam rock / hair band look from the 1980's. Maybe something from the closets of the Misfits or the Stingers from 'Jem'.

Peridot... would wear something either matronly or business-like / business attire, with long sleeves and possibly either a pencil skirt or slacks.
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