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World's Chakra - WIP

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 13, 2015, 4:48 PM
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"Next up, boys and girls, is the annual belching competition," Zeke announced during an event weekend in Handler's Corners. "First up, representing Spectra Motors Garage, Spinner Cortez."

Spinner ascended a platform and took his place.

"Next up, also from Spectra Motors, Sherman Cortez."

Sherman blushed lightly as he joined Spinner on the stage.

"A third entry from Spectra Motors, and last year's champion, Agura Ibaden."

Agura waved to the crowd as she took her place beside Sherman. "I've cleared off a spot on a shelf for this year's trophy," she whispered to Sherman and Spinner with a smirk.

"You only won last year because I nearly tossed my lunch," Spinner retorted. "This year I haven't had a thing to eat, so I should be able to get a couple of good ones out."

"Joining us all the way from Griffin Rock, Maine, let's give a hearty welcome to Danielle Burns."

"It's Dani, actually," a young woman with brown hair in a boyish-cut said as she ascended to the stage. She was dressed in a black pilot's jumpsuit, which was half-off, the arms tied around her waist, over a white tank-top, with black boots.

"The final entry in today's competition is also from Griffin Rock, Kade Burns."

A young man with red hair in such a style that his bangs framed his forehead stepped up and waved to the audience. He wore a white T-shirt, yellow fireman's pants with red suspenders, and black boots. "I'm going to win this time sis," he said to Dani, who crossed her arms and glared at him.

"Bring. It. On," Dani retorted. "Let's not forget whose belch registered on Doc's instruments."

Kade rolled his eyes. "Oh, it is on."

Zeke stepped to center stage. "The format is simple. There will be three rounds, which will allow us to narrow the field down to two, at which point the final two will be given three belches apiece. We will take the loudest, longest, and strongest out of three to decide the winner. Contestants, take your marks. Spinner, you're first up."

Spinner stepped up to the microphone, took a deep breath, and delivered a passable belch, which elicited a few snickers and sniggers from the audience. Sherman stepped forward, took a deep breath, and released a very delicate burp, which was followed by a hiccup. "Pardon me," he said before stepping to the back of the stage.

"Agura, you're up," Zeke said, nodding.

Agura stepped forward, smiled at the audience, and proceeded to unleash a belch that lasted for a good ten seconds. Still smiling, she added, "I'm just getting warmed up."

"That was amazing," Dani said in passing as she took her turn at the mic. Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath....


Back at Spectra Motors Emma looked over at her water bottle when the liquid within began to pick up vibrations. Flipping her comm open, she asked, "Are we experiencing tremors today?"

"All is quiet across the board," Sage responded, "Though there appears to have been a sonic boom that emanated from the fairgrounds."


"I concede," Kade and Spinner said in unison, both men stepping to the back of the stage.

Agura and Dani sized one another up before Agura put out her hand. "You win," she said with a smile. "Even with all the time I spent with my four brothers, I could *never* learn how to belch like that."

"Thank you," Dani replied, shaking Agura's hand. "I've got three brothers of my own, and I end up being treated like one of the boys."

"Are you a gearhead as well?"

"Emergency response team, actually. I pilot a helicopter for aerial rescues."

"Want to grab some coffee?"

"Would I ever."

As the ladies walked off, still engaged in conversation, Kade looked over at Sherman and Spinner. "The two of you wouldn't happen to know where a guy could get a bite to eat around her, would you?"

"Zeke's," the twins responded in unison.

"The pie is to die for," Spinner added with a grin.
BF5 Shorts - Competition
Something inspired by a combination of a scene from the episode of 'Battleforce 5 Fused' titled 'Blue Tide' and the end of the Transformers: Rescue Bots episode titled 'Phantom of the Sea'.

Original footage of Dani burping can be found here:…

I don't own anything.

Emma belongs to :iconsweetstar17:
Unbeknownst to the duelists, two train cars back from Yugi and friends were Lex, Yuni, Akira, Rage, and Emi. The quintet had been sent ahead of the rest of the troupe to check out the city that was to be the next stop on their tour.

"Gah, is it me, or was it cooler *in* the train?" Rage asked as he unzipped his hoodie a bit.

"It definitely seems that way," Emi replied as she pulled her hat off and shoved it into her bag.

"Of all the days to wear long pants," Lex muttered to himself as he set to unzipping the bottoms of his cargo pants. Glancing over at Akira, he quirked an eyebrow, as the dark-haired man, who was wearing dark slacks, a white shirt, a dark vest, a black and white tie, and dress shoes did not appear to be bothered by the heat or even be perspiring lightly.

Yuni appeared to catch Lex's glance, as she asked, "Akira, aren't you the least bit hot dressed like that?"

"Not particularly, no," Akira replied.

Rage pulled his vest off and unzipped his sleeveless hoodie further. "Dude, we're all about to melt in the sun, and you're wearing black. In the sun. And you're not bothered in the least?"

Akira shook his head. "Not at all. Why?"

"How do you do it?" Lex asked, stuffing the lower legs from his pants into his messenger bag with his own vest. "How can you wear black and not be sweltering?"

Akira gave his friends a knowing smile. "It has nothing to do with the color, but the material which your clothes are made of, that keeps you comfortable. My shirt is silk; my slacks and vest are a very light-weight cotton. The fabrics breathe, which allows me to keep cool."

"Whatever," Yuni grumbled as she mopped her brow, "I'm going in search of something cold to drink. You can stand out here and breathe."
TD / YGO-DB short: Hot Stuff
Inspired by 'Temperature' by :iconringing-belle:

I only own Lex.
DS possesses a fourth and final mode change named Carbine.

This mode was a gift from the ghost of magical girl Mami Tomoe to help him better protect Fortune and the rest of his friends. In this mode he doesn't have access to his magical spells, but rather everything he does is magical. His weapon in this mode is a never ending supply of single-shot carbine rifles. He pulls these rifles from what many magical girls call 'katana space', 'subspace' or 'pseudo space'. With a wave of his hand he can summon any number to stand by for a chained assault; he can command them to float around him and fire remotely; he can even combine two more more into one giant rifle / cannon.

There is one giant downside to this transformation - it has a time limit of five minutes. When the last grain of sand falls through the hourglass pendant he wears in this mode he reverts back to his standard form, his health at critical with no magic. Mami told him that this power is both a blessing and a curse, the blessing being the strength to protect his friends, the curse being the time limit and the weakness following the end of the limit.

His outfit in this consists of a white button-front shirt, a patterned golden vest with a tan satin back, gold and yellow bow tie with an amber gem in the center, tan slacks, and black patent leather boots over tan and gold socks. His hair is pulled back with a length of golden ribbon, and a small amber gem dangles from a short golden chain attached to his left ear lobe. Atop his head is a copy of Mami's beret. His sleeves are rolled up slightly, revealing a golden watch on his left wrist and a black leather bracelet tied around his right wrist.

*Special attack 1 - Meteor Storm: a ring of carbine rifles floats into the sky, where they glow before unleashing a hail of enhanced fire. May become friendly fire if allies are not careful or within a 6-foot radius of where he stands.

*Special attack 2 - Carbine Gattling: Two rings of countless carbine rifles float above his head, where they hover as he selects his target. Once selected, the rifles glow before unleashing a steady stream of bullets. He must maintain eye contact with his target, as this is also a semi-homing attack.

*Unity finishing attack (Fortune) - Archangel's Requiem: Fortune uses her maiden powers to create a giant set of angel wings in the sky. As feathers fall to the ground DS opens fire with a string of rifles, his shots gaining with each feather that he hits. The feathers glow before a storm of beams strike all surrounding enemies.

*Unity finishing attack (Leon) - Carbine Edge: Leon draws his gunblade and dashes at their target, the lion symbol on the blade glowing red. Behind him DS draws two rifles from his 'katana' space, the barrels glowing as energy accumulates. As Leon delivers the initial blow to their foe DS pulls the triggers on his guns, unleashing two shells that enter a spiral pattern. Upon impact the shells fragment, forming a cloud around the target that reacts with the ammo in Leon's weapon. Leon strikes their foe again and pulls the trigger, triggering an explosion that will destroy a lesser enemy and weaken a more powerful enemy.

*Unity finishing attack (Twilight Sparkle) - Rainbow Butterfly Charge: Twilight steps forward, silver light swirling around her horn. As she braces herself for a powerful magical assault DS summons four rifles, which he combines into a quad-chambered cannon. Bracing the weapon against his right shoulder, he takes aim and opens fire, unleashing magically-charged shells. Twilight's eyes shine silver as she flares her wings and unleashes a rainbow-colored bolt of magic. The magical bolt engulfs the four shells, the magics contained within merging with that of the Alicorn to create a magical attack consisting of rainbow butterflies. The target is engulfed in the butterflies before a rainbow-hued mushroom cloud rises from the detonation point.

*Unity attack (Red) - Crimson Bolt: Produces two rifles while Red begins casting a Firaga spell through her swords. She touches her glowing blades to the gun barrels, which start to glow the same flame-red color. DS takes aim and fires, launching two high-velocity flame-infused shells at their target.

*Unity attack (Star) - Cryo Blast: Produces two rifles while Star starts to cast a Blizzaga spell. She touches the gun barrels, which glow ice blue while flakes of snow begin to glow around the weapons. DS takes aim and fires, launching two high-velocity shells at their target, which will freeze said target from the inside out upon impact.

*Unity attack (Tezz) - Railgun: Produces two rifles while Tezz powers up his gauntlet with a Thundaga spell. The dark-haired Russian touches the gun barrels, which begin to spark and fizzle while glowing gold. DS takes aim and fires, launching the shells at such a high velocity that the target is utterly vaporized upon impact.

*Unity ability (Aerith / Fortune) - Great Gospel: Using the power of Mami's soul gem, DS combines his defense techs and Mami's healing power with that of either Aerith or Fortune, unleashing a powerful party heal / protection spell.


"What is it you wish?'

"I wish to become strong enough to protect everyone, not just the maiden."

"Then I will grant you this power. However, there is a cost most terrible."

"A terrible cost, eh?"

"Yes. This power.... this power comes with a limit. If you are not able to complete your task within this limit you may die."

"We nearly lost the maiden once because I was weak. I will not risk losing her - or anyone else - ever again."

"Then consider this gift as both a blessing and a curse. A blessing, as it will allow you to protect those whom you hold most dear, and a curse, as it may become your undoing."
Page Turner Data Log - Mode Change: Carbine
Something that has been in the works for a little while for :iconringing-belle:'s 'Page Turner' series. This may be updated at some point with more data (such as the transformation sequence).

Red belongs to :icontheredone1223:
Fortune belongs to :iconringing-belle:
Star belongs to :iconsweetstar17:
DS belongs to me.

'Page Turner' and the 'Storybook' series are based off of the Kingdom Hearts game franchise, and are originally worked by :iconringing-belle:

Welcome to my head canon

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 6, 2015, 12:23 PM
Or, more precisely, a random idea that was partially inspired by a deviation / series pointed out by :iconringing-belle:.

This is how one could legitimately cross 'Wreck It Ralph' with 'Code Lyoko' -

This would have to take place during 'Evolution', after the reactivation of the super calculator. A weakened XANA would be loose in the internet, and somehow end up arriving in the arcade where the old Wreck It Ralph and Sugar Rush machines are hooked up.

In his weakened state, XANA infiltrates the Hero's Duty machine and starts to corrupt the coding of the various enemies in the game, regaining some strength in the process.

Jeremie sends the Lyoko Warriors into the 'net in the Skid, their travels taking them to Hero's Duty. There they encounter Ralph, Vanellope, Felix, and Calhoun.

Epic team up. Epic battle. Yadda yadda, yadda.

Not sure what would happen next, as this is just a train of thought of what could happen to create a *good* crossover between two series / franchises.

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World's Chakra - WIP

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 13, 2015, 4:48 PM
  • Listening to: Wheel of Fortune
  • Reading: Castle Roogna
  • Watching: Wheel of Fortune
  • Playing: Pokemon Black
  • Drinking: water

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So...I read this recently. Not a shipper of this, but it pulls your heartstrings. Maybe it could be the basis of the Azure Winds AU? Just been thinking of that.
Ringing-Belle Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Erm...about the TD crossover you still want to go with it? Because I've got one that conflicts with your little drabble and...I'm not sure which one I want to follow up on.
Dragonstar78 Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2015
the 'Worlds Chakra' concept?

I do like the idea, but if you have something else you'd like to work on I can see if I can work around it.
Ringing-Belle Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah, "World's Chakra".

The premise is Bayonetta/DC/Thieving Duelist, but you seemed to tie your ideas together, no problem. I barely know about the two other Franchises you had planned.
Dragonstar78 Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2015
Legend of Korra and New Exiles?

New Exiles is a Marvel comic series that has heroes from different versions of Earth banding together to protect the multiverse.

And Korra is the sequel series to Avatar: The Last Airbender.

If it were to tie in with Thieving Duelist it would be around the time that Lex was grasped by the darkness and Sapphire dove in after him.
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thank you so much for the watch! i am so happy that you like my dolls as each one i make is special to me. x3
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thank you!:heart: rvmp
Dragonstar78 Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2015
you're quite welcome.

And the dolls you work on are amazing and totally gorgeous. I can see how each one is special to you, and how you work so hard to make each one perfect.
Ringing-Belle Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks for favoriting that.

I liked it the most out of the little things I wrote.
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quite welcome.
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