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Does anyone else....

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 1, 2015, 8:35 AM
Ever feel completely helpless when someone they care a great deal about is dealing with very personal issues, and all that you can do is to be supportive and full of love?

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*Randomly plunks link here*

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 30, 2015, 8:48 AM…

My Amazon shop, where I'm selling some of my Manga and a few video games.

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    "This place gives me the creeps," Stefanie could be heard to remark as she and the Crystal Gems, along with Ametrine and Nephrite Jade, wandered through the foggy canyons that composed the Kindergarten where Amethyst had been 'born'.

    Garnet had sensed something important could be found in the old Kindergarten, and had assembled their primary team. Pearl had insisted on calling in two of their allies for back-up, especially following what had occurred during two prior trips to this same location. Stefanie was originally to be left with Connie, only to insist on coming along, as she had heard tales of this area from her mother and Amethyst and wanted to see, first-hand, what was so special about the birth place of her 'sister'.

    "Heads up people," Garnet instructed, "I have a bad feeling about this place."

    "Make sure you don't touch anything," Pearl said to Stefanie and Amethyst.

    Amethyst rolled her eyes, the action earning a warning glare from the taller Gems. "It's not like we're gonna find Peridot or that chamber again," she grumbled.

    They came to an opening in the canyon, and Garnet put up a hand in caution, as the fog in this area was particularly thick. She motioned for Nephrite to fire into the fog and see if he could either dispel some of the mist, or at least give them a beacon into the miasma.

    The male Gem stepped forward and summoned his crossbow, green light suffusing his gem as he drew the weapon forth. Shouldering the crossbow, he took aim before firing several glowing bolts into the fog. Something in the miasma roared, propelling the team into action.

    Garnet adjusted her visor as a large shadow loomed up before them to tower over their group. "Hell," she muttered under her breath as she summoned her gloves / gauntlets. "Nephrite, take Stefanie and run," she instructed, her tone all business.

    "What?" Nephrite asked, "What is that thing?"

    "Trouble," Ametrine replied, summoning his halbard. Glancing at his partner out of the corner of his eye, he added, "Partner, take the kiddo and make tracks. Leave this to us fusions."

    "Garnet?" Pearl asked, her voice cracking slightly.

    "Protect Stefanie," Garnet replied, her gaze fully focused upon the shadow.
    "But..." the pale Gem began to protest, only to have her question both cut off and answered by Garnet's and Ametrine's stances.

    "Pearl, c'mon!" Amethyst said, taking Pearl's hand to more or less drag her along.

    Nephrite threw Stefanie over his shoulder, the half-gem scrabbling into a piggyback position as he ran. "What the hell was that thing?" he asked Pearl as she and Amethyst matched pace back toward the warp pad.

    "Something that we all wish had remained forgotten," Pearl replied, fear evident in her voice.
    The earth around them rumbled and shook as something behind them exploded. Tears sprang to Pearl's eyes as Amethyst grabbed her hand and nearly wrenched her arm out of the socket when she stopped. "We need to form Opal and help them!" the shorter gem cried. "Garnet is gonna..."

    Pearl shared a look with Amethyst that spoke volumes before looking to Nephrite and Stefanie. "Go," she said, her voice shaking.

    "Pearl," Stefanie whispered.

    "We'll be fine," Amethyst added with a grin that never reached her eyes. "Just... fix up a together breakfast that we'll share when we get home."

    "With extra strawberries," Pearl added as she and Amethyst began to run back toward where they had left Garnet and Ametrine.

    Nephrite nodded and took off running. "Be safe," he whispered under his breath as he leaped onto the warp pad and teleported back to the shrine.
Gem Quartet drabble - Kindergarten
inspired by the few minutes of tonight's episode that I managed to see.

I only own Nephrite Jade.

Stefanie and Ametrine belong to :iconvivid-cure:
(Inspired by the third MLP:FiM episode 100 trailer)


    The sounds of a classic cello could be heard wafting through the air in a rural section of Dublin, Ireland. A man with red hair done up in a faux-hawk style and wearing a black and purple jacket, a purple shirt, jeans, and brown shoes was making his way up the walkway to the door of the house where the music was coming from. A set of purple and silver headphone were hanging around his neck.

    As he opened the front door he was greeted by the opening notes of the classic wedding march. Standing in the living room of the house was a man with brunette hair streaked with red and green wearing a white shirt, black pinstripe slacks, black suspenders, a patterned green bow tie, and black shoes, the bow of his cello moving swiftly and expertly over the strings. He was lost in concentration as the door closed behind the redhead, who walked out to the kitchen to get something to drink.

    "All o' these wedding songs are so... standard," the brunette sighed in frustration as he paused for a few beats. "I want Vert and Sapphy's wedding ta be special."

    The redhead returned the bottle he had been drinking from to the fridge before returning to the living room. "I think I may be able to help you with that mate," he said as he took up his position behind a mixing board and synthesizer setup. Pressing one headphone to his ear while his companion returned to playing his cello, he began to cycle through various sound effects and remixes.

    After a few twists of knobs and other failed effects, wubs, and riffs, the brunette's eyebrow began to twitch. "Thanks Stanny," he grumbled, the redhead looking hurt from his tone of voice. Sighing, he added, "But I'm not sure that's appropriate for a wedding, is it?"

    "Sorry Lex," Stanford apologized as the brunette returned to practicing the cello.

    A beautiful melody began to fill the air, inspiring Stanford to add a bit of a backbeat to what his friend was playing. Spinning a couple of records, he adjusted the levels on the treble and bass before pointing to the brunette, who was nodding his head in time to the beat. Eyes opening in surprise, Lex said, "Now that's more like it."

    The duet continued, both sound artist and cellist losing themselves in the music. A few measures later they exchanged a look, Lex narrowing his eyes will smirking, while Stanford bounced his eyebrows. The redhead spun a record on the tip of his finger while the brunette spun his bow like a baton. Record and bow were applied to their rightful instruments as the two musicians resumed playing what would surely be music to bring down the house at the wedding.

    After a few more moments of beautiful music they paused again and shared a second glance. Stanford stepped on a switch on the floor, a pair of industrial sized speakers situated against the wall glowing green as the power came online. Pointing to Lex as bass began to thump through the house, the cellist began to play some wicked riffs on his instrument while the DJ spun some wicked beats on his mixing board. Time seemed to disappear as the duo rocked the house, Stanford performing a headspin on one of his platters while one of Lex's strings threatened to break.

    The duo leaped into the air, Lex preparing to swing his cello while Stanford brought his mixing board up and around for a double smash. There would have been a destructive collision had Lex not interrupted with an exclamation of, "Stop!"

    Both of them landed on their rears as Lex added, "I'm going to be late for the wedding!"

    The countryside shook as a purple, black, and silver sports car rocketed out from behind the house, speakers cranked to eleven filling the air with wubs. Standing on the roof of the car, cello in hand, was Lex, who was filling the air with his own low notes as the DJ sped through along the country roads to get him to the wedding on time.

....To be continued?
BF5 - Dropping the Bass
Inspired by this:…

I figure the timeline of this drabble would be a year or so following Lex's marriage to Tezz, and Stanford's marriage to Agura, though the details are ultimately up to :iconvivid-cure:, who owns Sapphire Pryce.

I only own Lex.
Squiggle Birthday 2015 by Dragonstar78
Squiggle Birthday 2015
Birthday present for :iconlittlemisssquiggles:.

This is Adrian from 'Miraculous Ladybug' preparing to transform into Chat / Cat Noir. I apologize for the quality of the scan, as the scanner I usually use is not currently hooked up to- or anywhere near- my office, and the scanner on my all-in-one stinks on ice.

Happy 24th Birthday Squiggle-meister.


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I'm a self proclaimed anime / gaming / manga / sci fi geek who started drawing back in Y2K. Finally, a place where I can pull all of my artwork together and organize it for fans who are like me and somewhat bummed when they can't find fanart of a favorite character.

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Does anyone else....

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 1, 2015, 8:35 AM
Ever feel completely helpless when someone they care a great deal about is dealing with very personal issues, and all that you can do is to be supportive and full of love?

  • Mood: Worried
  • Listening to: 'Rock N Rule' original movie soundtrack
  • Reading: customer emails
  • Watching: the weather
  • Playing: Eden Eternal
  • Drinking: water

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